Our story

Taneta Investment is a family SME established in 2015 . We cold-press marula kernels to produce a finished luxurious cosmetic oil.

Our brand; Pure-Marula by Taneta is cold-pressed organic marula oil consisting of the following products:

  • Marula BodyOil
  • Marula Hair Oil
  • Marula Massage Oil
  • Marula Beard Oil
  • Marula Baby Oil

We are driven by women empowerment. We partner with rural women who collect marula fruits using the traditional knowledge  of the Marula tree, that has been passed from generation to generation. A blend of ancient knowledge and modern technology guides our production processes  to produce top-quality marula oil.

In engaging all our partners, especially the rural women, we ensure fair trade, sustainable development and the restoration of the dignity of women.

When you buy Pure-Marula by Taneta Oil, you  directly impact the livelihood of at least 200 women and their families.